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The Terra-Rex Jurassic Galaxy is a collection of 10000 unique Terra-Rex NFTs.

Each Genesis Terra-Rex grants you the absolute ownership of your NFT, and backs you as an entrant to the wholly owned Jurassic Galaxy.


How to get Terra-Rex

The Terra-Rex are 10,000 uniquely generated characters. No two are exactly alike, and each one of them can be officially owned by a single person on the Terra blockchain. Mint the Terra-Rex using the link below 

Secondary Marketplace

Current Event

Lunar New Year Special

The God of Wealth Terra-Rex has been released into the minting pool, Whoever minted this unique T-rex will receive instant 88 UST and additional 100UST if it's Golden!



Public minting/ Fair Distribution 

Minting priced at 15 $UST to allow community member of different portfolio size to participate in Jurassic Galaxy club 

Secondary Marketplace
The team will work with different marketplace in Terra for secondary market sales.

Event: God of fortune Lottery/Raffle (Lunar New Year Event)
2 special Terra-Rex (#888 #8888) will added into the pool, user that minted these special Terra-Rex will receive $UST airdrop from the Team wallet.

Rarity chart / Calculator
Your Terra-Rex is unique but is it rare?

Q1 2022

Exploring the another side of Jurassic galaxy

Lore and Folklore of Jurassic Galaxy told by Ancient Terra-Rex

[Redacted] hatchling airdrop for Terra-Rex holders
1/3 of existing Terra-Rex owner will receive mysterious airdrop from the ever expanding Jurassic Galaxy

Milestone community Raffle

When the project achieve target milestone, The Terra-Rex community will reap the benefit. 

Q2 2022


Our Team






Community lead





Frequently Asked Questions

What is Terra-Rex?

They are a collection of 10,000 algorithmically generated T-Rex stored in Terra blockchain.

What are the release date and the price?

Minting will start on 02 Feb 2022 and the price will be 15 UST (TerraUSD) per Terra-Rex

Where can I get UST (TerraUSD)?

You can get UST directly from Kucoin or LUNA from CEX like and swap LUNA for UST in AstroPort

Which wallets can I use?

Will there be resale royalties?

6% royalties will be applied to all resales.


5% of the royalties will be used for future upgrade and reward for community activity.

1% of the royalties will be automatically donated to Angel Protocol ❤️ Terra's Charity DAPP


More question?

For collaboration or enquiry please contact us at Twitter/Discord.